Hey, Peach! I'am Daisyyyy! Your cousin.-Princess Daisy

The Christmas Edit

Princess Daisy meet with Peach, she is very happy, and she give the Christmas gift to her cousin.

The two Princess are very different:

Peach is a sweet sensitive lady, and Daisy is a very brave princess.

Her personalityEdit

She is very rude and very tomboy, but is a nice person, here is clear, Daisy in her childhood wear a cap and wear some boy clothes. But she learnt how be more Female, so now wear a long yellow and orange dress with a

aqua Daisy gemstone.

Princess Daisy
[[Princess Daisy, the beauty but tom-

boy princess|250px]]
The cousin of Peach

Full name: Catherine Daisy Toadstool

Age: 20

Born date: 20 of March (Begin the Spring)

Emblem: Daisies

Kingdom: Sarasaland (The old) Mushroom kingdom (With the help of Peach)

Favourite colour: Orange

Nickname: The Flower of the garden

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